We help brand owners outshine with our METPET cartons.

Luxury brands, we see, stand out in the market place with their distinct packaging. And brand owners look to source the appropriate type of packaging to make the brand statement. Such requirements have resulted in developing the luxury, shiny packaging which involves  a metalized polyester coating on the underlying carton substrate creating what are called the METPET cartons.

This METPET film renders the cartons an exceptionally high surface shine and quality of lamination. Premium Silver and Gold finishes are often associated with luxury goods and you can have your choice of the luxury look for your cartons at Sai.

Besides, at Sai Paks the film used for the lamination is print tested for Flexo, Offset and UV printing.

If you would like to know more about Sai Paks’ manufacture of the METPET cartons, do not hesitate to contact us.