Cartons in the Pharmaceutical industry serve multiple purposes beyond just packaging the medicine.  With their shapes and design, easy opening and closures, besides individual identification marks including serial numbers, codes, and anti tamper features, cartons are today built for consumer health and safety.

With smooth flat surfaces they render the most suitable substrate for high quality printing and Sai Paks offers you a vast range to choose from when it comes to the carton paper as well as the printing. Controlling the weight of the carton, while ensuring the readability of instructions and composition of the medicinal content, trackability with the appropriate codes and numbers, and ease of handling with foldable cartons; all of these features make cartons the defacto and convenient means of packaging medicines and pharmaceutical products.

Ask for the possibilities with Sai Paks and we promise you will be floored with the scope of choice you have in any aspect of carton design, material and order quantity.