Flexible Laminated Pouches

Flexible Laminated Pouches

Popular types of flexible packaging are the laminated stand up pouch and the lay-flat pouch.

Stand up Pouches

The bottom of the stand up pouch is designed to allow the pouch to stand up on a shelf. Application of such laminated pouches are several and they come in different forms too.

Standup Zipper Pouch

Giving the customer the flexibility to reseal the package, this type of standup zipper pouch extends the premium feel and convenience of flexibility of use. 

Packaging zipper pouches are popular and are used for a multitude of products.

Stand up Pouch with Spout

Liquid packaging in stand up pouches with  spouts are the epitome of convenience.

While they can stand independently on shelves, the ability to use them as sealed containers to pour out the liquid content as required and close and store away is extremely useful. 

Flat or Pillow Pouches

Unlike stand up pouches, these pouches can lay flat.

Centre Seal Pouch

These pouches are sealed centrally at the back with extra margin for multiple added advantages like extended shelf life, water and tamper proof packaging, leakage proof at the corners and are best for packaging items like pulses, flours, electricals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Three Side Seal Pouch

Often used for on-the-go snacks and single serve products, these pouches are suitable for both vacuum sealing and freezing. They are used for a variety of products like frozen food, meats, breads, etc.