MOQ for Labels and Cartons is 10,000 Nos.

Currently our average turn-around time is one week. We are working to achieve three Business days and hoping to delight you with such fast delivery soon.

Yes, we review the proof with you before the final printing.

Our Business development executive will contact you and can update you at every stage of execution.

Label width 330mm. Carton sizes differ.

Substrates are chosen based on end user application. Please consult with our team.

Yes, we do. We also give suggestions as and when the customer asks.

We use a maximum of 450 gsm. Else the GSM varies based on the application.

It is advisable to go for offset printing when the order quantities are large and uniform. If you have variations and short to medium runs of multiple skus, then it is advisable to go for digital printing. Also, if you do not want to carry much inventory and would prefer to print just in time and as needed, and when you wish to avoid the cost of printing. The larger the volume of printing, the more economical it is do offset printing. However if you need consistent colour of your brand from order to order, it is advisable to do Digital printing.

In thermal direct printing heat is applied via the print head to a paper that is sensitive to heat creating the print. It is normally used only for black and white printing and is preferred for temporary or short term use. Therefore certain bar codes, short term produce or food labels, etc. are printed with thermal printing.

In thermal transfer printing, a ribbon carrying the necessary colour is heated and the colour transferred to the substrate paper. Colour print is possible with thermal transfer and such prints last longer. Therefore thermal transfer printing is used for longer term applications like product codes, batch number, date of manufacture and expiry, etc.

No, you cannot write or print once the label is UV coated.

We use the 8 colour Mark Andy P5 Press, the 7 colour Flexo press, 4 and 5 colour Shinohara offset presses, 2 colour offset Fuji Press, Heidelberg Press for UV coating, and Hot Stamp Foiling Machine. For more details about our infrastructure and capabilities, please visit our Services and Sai Infrastructure sections on our website.

It is advised to store labels at 25+2oC and a relative humidity of 50+5%, in their original packaging and away from direct sunlight. Labels in roll form should be stored in horizontal position.


The quality of service and the prints is amazing. I do recommend your company to all of my friends and colleagues. Thanks for the prompt orders, you rock!

Ria Govindraj

Ria Govindraj

Sales Assistant

It was nice working with you all! We have been ordering prints from your company since last year, and so far the experience is basically impeccable.

Prachi Indrani

Prachi Indrani

Senior Manager

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my recent photo order. Thank you for such a wonderful job and I will be ordering from you again.

Neeraja Diwan

Neeraja Diwan