If you look at the Printing Portfolio of Sai Paks, you can rest assured you have a one stop shop for your printing requirements; be it labels of different kinds, cartons or any other printing like publications.

Cartons are rather ubiquitous in the packaging world. At Sai Paks we make a range of cartons that are of high quality paper and duplex board with very high finishes, excellent surface coating and UV coatings. With a huge production capacity, Sai is able to handle large orders and execute them with ease and speed. The in-house testing facility ensures stringent quality control on the raw material, the process and the final output.

UV printing is the latest development in the printing space and Sai Paks is adept at adopting the latest technology. Ultra Violet light is used to cure and dry the ink as it is printed. In this digital printing process, as the printer disperses the ink on the substrate or the base, the machines are designed to have UV lights follow close behind curing and drying the ink. As a result of the instant drying process, the print is of an extremely high quality and fine detail. Besides, substrates can be synthetic and even metallic. We provide online UV Printing with Spot UV, drip off, texture coating and gloss and matt finishes. Likewise, UV printing is carried out with UV inks and not regular or conventional inks.

Cartons are made either as Autolock bottom box or Parallel tuck cartons. The Autolock bottom saves time, reduces tape cost, is easily put together for pack-out and fulfillment and folding and locking the flaps also add strength and durability. Parellel tuck boxes are made with top and bottom tucks on the same side or reverse side and are called straight or reverse tucks.

In Sai Paks we manufacture cartons of paper up to 600 GSM and of duplex boards. The cartons segment which is a secondary packaging for the safety of the primary package is a crucial packaging product.  We make cartons for all segments like pharma, automotive, FMCG and METPET cartons.

We are equipped with the necessary machinery and gear to give you the best quality in whatever you require printed.

The 4 and 5 color Shinohara offset presses, 2 color Fuji offset press, Heidelberg press for UV coating which can print METPET cartons, the Maxima Automatic Carton Punching Machine, Hot Stamping Foiling machine together make for the best of infrastructure. These coupled with our design function and well trained and dedicated staff is but a recipe for nothing but tremendous success in whatever projects we take up.

You have a wide range of options to choose from. Besides, you have the opportunity to upgrade your product to best suit your needs as Sai Paks carries a significant range of stock and all the possible ingredients to design and manufacture a myriad range of the final packaging products.



One of the biggest USP of Sai Paks is to understand our customers’ requirements in detail and accurately. Further, on time delivery, defect free and 100% compliant end product giving you the quality you specified and accurate quantities at delivery together make for the ultimate customer delight.

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