8 Color Flexo Press

Our investment in the machine is underscored by the capabilities it adds to our overall ability to manufacture quality print products with speed and economy.

The 8 color flexographic printing machine is equipped with three die cutting stations and is suitable for a range of printing; printing of coated paper stickers, aluminum foil stickers, thermal paper, as well as PE, PP and PVC stickers. The resolution is more than 150LPI. The machine can complete unwinding, printing, varnishing, laminating, die cutting, exhausting and winding resulting in a high quality output. With wide applications, high speed of printing, the economic benefits, non-polluting and other characteristics, it can be ideally deployed in printing bills, card paper, and top grade sticker labels.

Its several unique features render high quality with ease; to name a few the infrared or optional UV drying device enables drying of the ink rather quickly avoiding blurring, shedding. Besides, the cold foil stamping and stripping device, the CCD camera and its cutting platform further ease the operations and enhance efficiency.  Technical specifications of the machine give an idea of the capability and capacity as well.


Technical Specification

Model LRY 330
Max. Width of the Material 330 mm
Max. Printing Width 320 mm
Printing Length Range 180-330 mm / min
Printing Color 2-8
Thickness of the Printed Material 0.1-0.3 mm
Machine Speed 10-120 m / min
Max. Diameter of Unwinding 650 mm
Max. Diameter of Winding 650 mm
Number of Die Cutting Station 3
Host Power 2.2 KW
Host Power Supply 380V AC 3 Ph 50 Hz
Overall Dimensions 2420X1020X2740
Weight 2500 kg / 5 colors