8 Colour Rotogravure Printing Machine

Given the nature of printing with the Rotogravure printing machine, where fluid ink is transferred from depressions in a printing plate to the paper, it produces exceptional quality results. This technology has now been acquired by SaiPaks India Pvt. Ltd. and is ready to print for our clients.

The ink used in this printing has oil resistant properties and is formulated so that it is also suited for deep freeze applications like dairy and other edibles’ packaging. Rotogravure can print on both, polyethylene, and polypropylene films.

While rotogravure printing may be expensive, its excellent print quality, high printing speed coupled with simple printing process, accurate ink use and flexibility of printing machine structures, makes it the obvious choice in certain applications.


Technical Specification


Machine Rotogravure Printing machine
Number of Stations Eight
Maximum Web Width 1000 mm
Minimum Web Width 500 mm
Machine Height Ten Feet
Total Width  Seven Feet
Total Length Fifty Feet
Printing Cylinder Cir. 400 – 800 mm
Maximum Printing Speed 150 m per minute
Mechanical Machine Speed 180 m per minute
Registration Motorised Linear Compensator
Main Drive One Common Motor
Winding Drive Synchronised to Main Motor
Unwind Drive Synchronised to Main Motor
Outfeed Synchronised to Main Motor
Infeed Synchronised to Main Motor
Impression Roll Function Pneumatic
Doctor Blade Function Pneumatic
Drying Zone Electric Heating System
Drying Zone Lifting Pneumatic
Type of Winder Centre
Web Guiding Auto
Machine Colour Siemens Grey and Turquoise Green