Maxima EXB 35

With a sturdy and smooth operating die cutting and punching machine Sai Paks is once again very well placed in these post print operations to achieve the best finish for their end products. With a specially designed feeder for high sped and accurate feeding, the machine makes for non-stop feeder delivery allowing high levels of efficiencies. With the assistance of PLC control and a double sheet detector the machine is extremely versatile; be it small quantities of production or large quantities typical of mass production.

Due to the machine specification and capability, we can accommodate most materials like paper, board and laminate sheets while allowing for precise feeding when    the machine is running due to the simplicity and ease of settings that the machine allows.

Technical Specification


Model Maxima EXB 35
Max / Min Sheet Size 905mm X 635mm / 355mm X 305 mm
(35.63 in X25 in) / 14 in X 12 in)
Max Cutting Size 895mm X 620mm (35.23 in X 24.40 in)
Paper Thickness 0.1 mm to 1.5 mm
Maximum Cutting Pressure 180 ton
Gripper Margin Setting 8 – 14 mm
Maximum Cutting Speed 5000 sheets / hour
Total Power 7.5 kw
Size of Machine L 3.9m X W 3.2 m X H 1.9 m
Total Weight 8 ton approx