Solventbase Lamination Machine

Multi-layer structures, i.e. laminates or complex films are created by combining two or more films made up of single materials. Such multi-layer laminates enable greater application of packaging material for food products and other similar content that needs to be protected over time. 

In solvent-based lamination, solvent-based adhesives contain solvent as a carrier. It is subsequently dried after application to create dry bond lamination. The active resin system is left on the substrate to be bonded to a secondary substrate to make the lamination.

SaiPaks Pvt. Ltd. now have the facility to create such complex laminates in-house for their clients, thus ensuring the quality, the properties, and the appearance of packaging material according to client requirements and specifications. 


Technical Specification


Machine Lamination machine
Type of Lamination Dry
Type of Coating Gravure
Maximum Web Width 1000 mm
Minimum Web Width 500 mm
Machine Height Ten Feet
Coating Width  1000 mm
Total Length Twenty Nine Feet
Coating Cylinder Diameter 500 mm
Machine Speed 200 m per minute
Winding Unit Center
Main Drive One Common Motor
Winding Drive Synchronised to Nip Drive
Coating Drive Synchronised to Nip Drive
Neeb Unit Synchronised to Nip Drive
Unwinding Drive (Primary) Synchronised to Main Drive
Unwinding Drive (Secondary) Synchronised to Main Drive
Impression Roll Function Pneumatic
Doctor Blade Function Pneumatic
Nip Roller Loading Pneumatic
Drying Zone Hot Air Generator System
Drying Zone Lifting Pneumatic
Drying Tunnel Length Twenty Five Feet
Heating Zones Five
Heating Control Temperature Controllers
Heating Zone Lifting Pneumatic
Web Guiding Auto
Machine Colour Siemens Grey and Turquoise Green