Solventless Lamination Machine

Solventless lamination machine offers multiple advantages; that of health, safety and environmental friendliness coupled with low cost. Solvent-free lamination technology is therefore preferred over traditional solvent laminate technology for expanding laminate production. 

The composite substrates we use in our solvent less laminates include BOPP, PET, PE, LDPE, OPA and PP. 

With our brand-new solvent less machine at SaiPaks, we are now extremely well equipped to serve our customers with packaging of food and drugs, in a sustainable manner. And this brings SaiPaks India Pvt Ltd. one step closer to adopting green packaging. 


Technical Specification

Machine Web Mate (Solventless Machine)
Maximum Web Width 1050 mm
Minimum Web Width 450 mm
Maximum Coating Width  1000 mm
Max. Construction Speed 350 m / min
Maximum Production Speed Is dependent on the quality and nature of the web and the adhesive in use. 
Type of Lamination Dry
Unwinding Parameters Max reel diameter: 800 mm
Core inside diameter: 76 mm, 152 mm
Web tension range: 20 N – 480 N
Max Reel Mass: (Weight) 600 kg
Rewinding Parameters Max Reel Diameter: 800 mm
Core Inside Diameter: 76 mm, 152 mm
Web tension range: 20 N – 480 N
Taper Tension 0% to 40% Max Reel Mass: (Weight) 600 kg max.
Range of web edge guiding system +/- 50mm
Compressed Air Consumption Max 0.3 m3 / hr
Dimensions (w X l X h) 3000 X 5000 X 2560 mm
Adhesion Vapour Ducting Flow Rate Max. 3000 m3 / hr
Power Supply 415 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, earth + Neutral 
Power Input:
Web Running Direction From left to right, locking at the machine
From the operating side
Compressed Air 6 – 9 bars
Consumption 70 L / min App
Environmental Conditions Required
Temperature Range +1o C to 50o C
Max Humidity 95%
Operational Environmental Conditions Required
Temperature Range + 10o C to 40o C
Humidity Range 30% to 95%
Primary Material for Adhesive Application
BOPP 12 – 80 GSM
PET 12 – 30 GSM
PE, LDPE 30 – 200 GSM
OPA 12 – 18 GSM
CAST PP 60 – 150 GSM
Secondary Material for Laminates Application
BOPP 12 – 80 GSM
PET  08 – 30 GSM
PE, LDPE 20 – 200 GSM
OPA 12 – 18 GSM
CAST PP 20 – 150 GSM


  • The machine can handle the above-mentioned material and thickness if the required tension is in accordance with limits shown in tension range, per the technical details paragraph.
  • The thickness indicated refer to standards available in the market.
  • It is essential that supports be properly treated.
  • The experience and skill of operators can directly influence the results of lamination.
  • This machine allows easy and accurate setting of all variables involved. It is anyway understood that operator experience will be needed to select, among all setting combinations, the one that will optimize the lamination results. 
  • All substrates intended to have a minimum level of surface treatment of 38 DIN when processed. With lower values the final quality of lamination is guaranteed.

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